About Us
About Our Business

There are a multitude of reasons to outsource your retail

  • Streamlined service requests –  requests are made to one
  • Streamlined accounts payable system – only paying one
  • One point of contact.
  • Easy management of service requests.
  • Individuals trained in retail store maintenance.
  • National database of reliable, efficient contractors with
    whom strong relationships are built.
  • Service work/repair construction project management
  • Accountability for all projects – large and small.
  • Company overhead is cut by not requiring on staff
    employees for maintenance work.

Retail MDS, as well, has additional benefits, unique to our

  • 24 hours/7 days per week availability of contractors and
    management staff.
  • Preventative Maintenance program to curtail potential
    service emergencies.
  • Weekly update reports on work orders.
  • We are a national retail maintenance company providing
    services nationwide with our Self performing areas at very
    competitive rates .


  • You set the budget - Store supplies desired budget (Not to
    Exceed/NTE) and Retail MDS will try to stay within budget
    to complete the job.  Requests for budget increases may
    be required to complete work.
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